How Social Networking and Digital Marketing are playing role

If we look today’s scenario where everything is technology based. It can be rightly said that Technology is state-of -art.Technology is a bliss.If I compare the earlier decades people were not so tech-savvy but with the growing demand over the past few years .We can analyze that most of  the people are using Internet, everything  is digitalised now.Let’s provide you an e.g.Flipkart an online shopping website,where everything is available.Big Basket another grocery app through which grocery items can be purchased.  These are few examples I have mentioned. Marketing and selling  techniques are changing with a dynamic approach. Thus In this digital era, social networking sites And Digital Marketing is playing important role.

Facebook is one of the most poplar social networking platform to connect with friends and family. But with the growing demand it was seen that this platform has become a tool for business owners to promote or sell  their  product. 

One of the advantage of this platform  is that the expenses which they had to incurr for adverstisements is, now that they can freely promote.They can provides updates and upcoming news of their organisation or their product with just few click.

From different sectors of our economy people are using different platform to promote their brand through different platforms facebook,twitter,pininterest etc.oops How can I forget google whichis as same as encyclopedia.

So,not only business owners ,even Indian government has also taken intiative to begun a campaign of digital India. In this concept of digital India everything is digitalised mentioning few examples of digitalisation introducing of Aadhar card,Emphazing more on Digital or mobile banking to make India cashless Economy.

Digital Marketing is a broad concept which is another opportunity for the business owners to connect with their prospective customers to retain and to accquire different types of new customers connecting them through email marketing , Blogging these are the techniques adopted by different owners and people to connecting with people through world wide.

Before giving any conclusion; I can say that there was a period.when all the task was done manually But of now, there is a total reformation customer prferences are changing.Marketers  focus are changing,business owners approach is changing . Everyone want innovativenes Thus, with the growing demands” Social networking sites and Digital marketing” will become first priority.  


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