How to prepare on last minute for students

Examinations are nearby and students are having stress in their mind 

How to prepare on last minute

The Students frequently get engaged in preaparing themselves by studying late at night. This has an adverse effect on students. Last minute preparation is every students case.Question lies how to prepare on last minute?

Firstly, students should look over the short notes which they prepare during their course of study.

Secondly, they should take a small nap before  heading towards each subject.

Students,should give importance to keywords marked  in their chapters.

During the preparation they should take care of their health by doing Yoga, taking proper diet, should not  stay awake at night. This are the useful steps that they should follow in daily routine to avoid harassment.

They should listen  little bit of music and read story book before going to bed.

Students should revise on particular topic of the subject.

As said by Swami Vivekananda:-

Make that one idea your life -Thinkof it ,Dream of it, Live on that idea. Let the brain Muscles, Nerves Every part of your body, Be full of that idea,and just every other idea Alone.This is the way to success. That is way Great spiritual Giants are produced.

Thus this is the way to achieve success in examination and passed out with flying colours.


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