Trip to Vizag 

Vizag is a city of destiny located in South India 

In the city of destiny one can definitely experience nature,beautiful,sceneries,beaches,temples museum , submarine. 

I got an ultimate pleasure on the land of destiny,not  just because I explored so many things ,I got a peace 

From my childhood days I am visiting this place.This place has something special in terms of beauty.

The city is fully covered with green and brown cloth, here green signifies grassess and brownsignifies branches of trees.

I really love to see the beautiful sight of nature earlier , you have read about that how this city is covered with nature.

Now let me start with the Narshima  temple which is very ancient temple.The carvings and stones are so old speaks about the working of ancient people their belive in old rituals.Their is saying about Narishma temple that it is built by an ancient ruler.

Now lets start with the beach experience it was an amazing experience where we had fun time the sea-shores were sounding as if animal is roaring. 

We got tried so plan to visit kalash hills next day.The next day arrives and we went to Kalash hills. It was an amusement park for childrens located in hills. The kailash derived its name from kailash place located in Himalayas.In this place Idol is placed of shiv and Parvati 

These are the places which I explore during my visit to vizag.I was having an incredible journey in Vizag.


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