Artists “The workholics”

Artist may be of any type “singer, painter, architecture, actor.”Everyone who potray their feelings they become artist.

How they become artist this may be your question. An artist try to put their feelings with full dedication.

                                       Job of artist is so difficult that we cannot measure it however their effort never dies during the performance. Let us take an example, of “singer”. They did not become singers in one day. How much I have perceived they practice a lot with full motivation.They follow the principle of dynamism. Similar is the case with actors,painters, architecture.


How they put the live into a non living thing to make them realistic.

Taking an example of painter with optimum dynamism they change the way by giving it a new formation.

Now taking an example of actors they act out of the box ,took challenges and get involved into the character, work day and night .It is right to called them a workholics. 

My reason to called them workholics  becausethey took their profession so seriously that they are the true artist who always try to bring some innovation in the society.


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